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What is an affiliate website?

Affiliate websites post content based on their affiliation with legal websites such as Chaturbate, Onlyfans, etc. If you would like a link on an affiliate website removed, we suggest you change your profile settings on these websites. Most performers agree with some conditions when they sign up, which allows these legal websites to share their links on affiliate websites.

Additionally, Rulta staff is regularly contacting hosts and website owners regarding automatic DMCA notices. Sending DMCA notices to the right websites is an essential feature of our service. For this reason, certain websites might be categorized as affiliated by Rulta team due to their suspicious structure.
In this case, we prefer not to send takedown notices to them to avoid wrong submissions.

If there are any websites you believe are not affiliate, please send us your feedback through our live chat, so we can check those sites once again.

Sometimes, the website shares our users' content somewhere other than its own domain and can thus be categorized as legal by our automation. If the website shares a link with the iframe of Xhamster or Pornhub, for example, our automation categorizes it as an affiliate website.

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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