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I can't reach my dashboard / I'm unable to log in to my dashboard

Firstly, we recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience with our system! 🌟

We're currently in the process of system updates. These changes may necessitate clearing caches and cookies. If you're on a Windows device, try Ctrl+F5!
(For Macbook, please use CMD+ Shift + R) 📱🌐

If issues persist, consider trying a different device or connecting to a different WiFi network.
Please ensure that pop-up blockers and VPNs are turned off. 🛜

Details for Clearing Caches and Cookies:

For iPhone users on Safari: Go to Settings and tap Clear History and Website Data. 🔄
For Android users on Google Chrome: Head to Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data.

Please keep in mind that clearing the history means logging out from your old accounts, if you don't mind to be logged out you can proceed the clear browsing data.

After that, you can open the homepage and log in to your account by filling in the blanks or using your Google Account.

Hope this helps! If it's not work, please contact us through live chat. 😊

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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