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How can I verify my subscription? Why do you require a verification process?

When we receive your subscription details, we need to verify the model’s identity before we can take action against any copyright infringements.

We have 3 different methods for verification and you can choose one of them to complete this process:

🔹Follow us on social media and send us a DM 💬
Instagram & Twitter

🔹Send us a selfie mentioning Rulta — your face and hands must be visible. 🤳🏻

🔹Upload your government ID directly on our website🪪

You can complete this step on the attached page after completing registration:

Verification Page

Verification usually takes 24 hours, if it's not verified for one day please write us through our live chat.

Your privacy is our top priority. We safeguard your content in the most efficient way possible but your cooperation is always a plus. Please keep in mind that we cannot send any takedown notices on their behalf until we confirm their identity and consent.

Updated on: 20/06/2023

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