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How should I enter my username and profile name when registering?

When subscribing to Rulta, you are required to enter a username and an online platform associated with it. This information combined makes up your Rulta profile.

For example, if you’d like us to scan with your OnlyFans username, you need to enter your username and note that you have this username on OnlyFans. This information will then constitute your OnlyFans profile at Rulta. We use your username to search copyright infringements on Google, Social media and various websites.

You can add multiple profiles on different plans. You can also purchase more usernames at an extra cost.

Profile/ Associated URL means your resource link, you can refer to your Onlyfans, Fansly, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Chaturbate, etc.

You get to have:
1 profile on the Pro plans,
2 profiles on the Premier plan,
4 profiles on the Legend plan.

If you don't know how many usernames you require, please Google your username with the "leaked" keyword, and it'll give you the combinations of your pirated content.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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