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How many takedown requests can I make per day?

If you are on the free trial: You have 1 URL/day manual takedown request, 20 URLs/day removal from Google search results and 20 URLs/day download link removal in the trial period.

The number of manual takedown requests you can submit changes based on your plan:

Beginner: 1 URL/day
Pro: 10 URLs/day
Premier: 20 URLs/day per username. So, you will have 40 URLs/day if you have one username with the Premier plan.
Legend: Limitless

*PS: If you have an active plan: There is no limit for takedowns.

Takedowns are the features that are the DMCA notices sent to the websites automatically by our service. All of your scan results are reported to the websites automatically as takedowns within 24 hours. Takedown requests (the URLs which are not detected by our scanners/crawlers) come from the user/the person who buys a Rulta plan and all of them are reported within 24 hours.

You can use the hammer button on your dashboard to make a takedown request.

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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