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How do I make sure my original accounts (profiles) are not reported?

The scanners developed by our copyright specialists monitor social media platforms for copyright infringements. A personal agent issues DMCA takedown notices for the obvious cases of piracy. In those cases where we are unsure, the personal agent uploads the URL onto your dashboard for your verification. This is viewable on the ‘Verify URLs’ section of your dashboard. You are given the option to ‘takedown’ and ‘whitelist’ each infringement.

Once your subscription is activated and verified, we need you to update your Whitelist. This is a list of all your accounts, and whitelisting them prevents us from reporting your original content.

Please fill in this information by clicking on the “Whitelist” tab on the main page of your Rulta dashboard, or get in touch with us through our live chat.

Rulta Whitelist

Please add all of your original profiles to the whitelist. 🏳️

The whitelist is a list of accounts and profiles that originally belong to you. ✔️

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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